Echocord Colour008

Pattern Repeat - Gauge Tension EP

A1. Ofetriade
B1. Ofetriade (Ben Klock Remix)
B2. Synthese
Year 2009


    Pattern Repeat - 00/1

    A1. 00/1A
    B1. 00/1B
    Year 2010


      Pattern Repeat - 00/2

      A1. 00/2A
      B1. 00/2B
      Year 2010


        Pattern Repeat - 00/3

        A1. 00/3A
        B1. 00/3B
        Year 2010


          Pattern Repeat - 00/4

          A1. 00/4A
          B1. 00/4B
          Year 2010


            Pattern Repeat - 00/5

            A1. 00/5A
            B1. 00/5B
            Year 2012


              Pattern Repeat - 00/6

              A1. 00/6A
              B1. 00/6B
              Year 2012


                Pattern Repeat - 00/7

                A1. 00/7A
                B1. 00/7B
                Year 2014

                  CD 00/1

                  Pattern Repeat - CD 00/1

                  Year 2014


                    Rotary Cocktail 036

                    Marko Fürstenberg - Gegenstroemung
                    (Pattern Repeat Remix)

                    Year 2012


                      Mikkel Metal - Further
                      (Pattern Repeat Remix)

                      Year 2015


                        The duo "Pattern Repeat" consist of Dennis Bøg aka Resoe and Kenneth Christiansen, who joined forces in the year 2009 to form the label and group. Both of them has a long history in the electronic music scene of Copenhagen (Denmark). In the beginning they met around town at different underground parties in their hometown of Copenhagen, but it was when they started to work together in the legendary, but now closed record store Loud Music, that their long lasting friendship evolved.

                        Both of them has always been huge fans of the sounds that came out of Berlin and Detroit, and especially the Dub Techno sound has been a big part of their inspiration. Kenneth was the owner of the labels Echocord & Echocord Colour, and Dennis was the owner of the labels Baum records & BaumLPE.

                        One day they spoke about if they should try and make some music together, so they decided to meet up in Resoe´s studio for session. After the session they had their first track called "Ofetriade" which is a combination of their kids names Ofelia, Tristan & Adeline. They decided to meet up again, to make a second track which became the deep track called "Synthese". They decided to release a 12" with the two tracks on Kenneth´s Echocord Colour imprint, and then the project "Pattern Repeat" was established.

                        The first EP was called "Gauge Tension" and the EP included a remix by the Berghain resident Ben Klock of the track "Ofetriade". The EP was well received and the duo quickly builded up a group of followers, which let them to DJ and play Live around the world at many clubs, as Berghain, Fabric, Suicide Circus and Culture Box to name a few.

                        After the first EP on Echocord Colour, the duo decided to start up their label under the name "Pattern Repeat", and  this was when the series of 12" vinyl releases saw the light.


                        If you want to get in contact with us please do not hesitate to send us a message. - We do not accept demos!